Adding pmid Identifier to Paper Object

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Instructions for adding a PMID identifier to a Paper Object

If a journal's papers are currently indexed by PubMed, but we don't have the PMID, you can add it using the paper editor.

  1. From the curation form index at, click on the link to the paper_editor.cgi (second link from the top).
  2. From the drop down menu, select your name from the list of curators.
  3. Type the WBPaper ID in the first box, labeled 'number'. You can type in the full number, e.g. 00025191, or omit one or more of the zeros, e.g. 25191.
  4. Click on the Search box.
  5. You should now be looking at the editor page for the paper object you entered.
  6. To add a pmid, go to the first empty identifier box and click in the space to the right of the white vertical line that runs the length of the page. (You can see where the data for other tags lines up.)
  7. To enter the pmid, type:

pmid (in lower case) followed by the number. I usually just cut and paste from PubMed, since it lessens the chance of an error.

  1. When you are done, and move the cursor out of the box, the new identifier should automatically be added with the current timestamp and your WBPerson ID as evidence.