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Laboratory, Strain, and Allele Designations

The Caenorhabditis Elegans Centre (CGC) at http://www.cbs.umn.edu/CGC/CGChomepage.htm assigns specific identifying designations to each laboratory engaged in dedicated long-term genetic research on C. elegans. Each such laboratory is assigned a lab/strain code, for naming strains, and an allele code, for naming mutations (see: http://cbs.umn.edu/CGC/Nomenclature/code.htm).


Extensive background information on many aspects of the biology and experimental protocols used for C. elegans can be found in WormBook, the freely available peer-reviewed compendium of C. elegans biology.


Online database of behavioral and structural anatomy of C. elegans: WormAtlas.

Worm Community Forum

Discussion and Announcement Forum for the Worm Community: Worm Community Forum