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* Juancarlos Chan
* Juancarlos Chan
* Todd Harris -- `website introduction; use and users; associated costs and management`
* Todd Harris -- ''website introduction; use and users; associated costs and management''
* Adam Wright
* Adam Wright
* Paulo Nuin
* Paulo Nuin

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The 2018 edition of the WormBase project meeting / Scientific Advisory Board meeting will take place at OICR on 12/13 July 2018.



  • Hinxton
    • Matt Berriman, Kevin Howe, Michael Paulini, Paul Davis, Gary Williams, Matt Russell, Faye Rodgers
  • Caltech
    • Chris Grove, Kimberly Van Auken, Raymond Lee, Karen Yook, Paul Sternberg, Wen Chen, April Jauhal, Ranjana Kishore, Juancarlos Chan
  • OICR
    • Lincoln Stein, Todd Harris, Adam Wright, Paulo Nuin, Sibyl Gao

Project meeting


Short talks from Everyone --5 minutes pe peson with 5 mintues discussion 10 x 24 = 4 hours

It would be a good idea if wrote down below the general theme of what we will each be talking about, so that we can group the talks into themes. This might fall-out as per-site groupings, but some things (e.g. back-end migration) are cross-site and would benefit from being grouped together.

  • Kevin Howe
  • Michael Paulini
  • Paul Davis
  • Gary Williams
  • Matt Russell
  • Faye Rodgers
  • Chris Grove
  • Kimberly Van Auken
  • Raymond Lee
  • Karen Yook
  • Wen Chen
  • April Jauhal
  • Ranjana Kishore
  • Juancarlos Chan
  • Todd Harris -- website introduction; use and users; associated costs and management
  • Adam Wright
  • Paulo Nuin
  • Sibyl Gao

topics Backend: datomic migration, curation, Alliance plans

WormMine etc.

Thursday dinner for staff and SAB member

Evening, Thursday July 12





  • Oliver Hobert
  • Julie Ahringer
  • Andrew Chisholm
  • Mike Cherry
  • John Calarco


0800 coffee???

0830 introduction and overview -Paul Sternberg

                Overview of Project, Funding, The Alliance, Big Picture, Issues

0900 dataflow and backend: status and plans

1000 curation: status and plans

1030 break

1100 website: status and plans

1130 tools and displays;status and plans

1200 lunch

1300 SAB discussion

1430 Feedback, and Discussion

1630 conclude

Dinner for those who are not departing immediately

Evening, Friday, July 13