2016 Advisory Board Meeting

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The 2016 edition of the WormBase Scientific Advisory Board meeting will take place at Caltech on 4/5 Feb 2016.



  • Hinxton
    • Paul Kersey, Matt Berriman, Kevin Howe, Bruce Bolt, Jane Lomax, Michael Paulini, Paul Davis, Gary Williams
  • OICR
    • Lincoln Stein, Todd Harris, Sibyl Gao, Adam Wright, Paulo Nuin


  • Hinxton
    • Will fly out on the 2nd of Feb, and return on Sun 7th Feb (cheap flights)
  • OICR
    • Arrive 3rd Feb, depart 6th Feb
  • Remote workers
    • Mary Ann - arrive 2nd Feb (evening), leave 7th Feb (evening)


Discussion topics

Organisation of SAB talks

Propose organising the agenda into the following cross-site themes:

  • Curation
    • Current status
      • "Genetic" curation (i.e. literature)
      • "Genomic" curation (gene structures etc)
    • Scaling up literature curation
      • Increased use of automation (text mining, automated concise descriptions)
      • Community curation status and Micropublications
  • User experience
    • Overview of entry points to WormBase
      • Documentation and outreach strategy
    • Visualisation of complex data
      • WoBr, SoBr
    • Data mining
      • WormMine, ParaSite BioMart
    • Plans for new tools
      • e.g. enrichment tool, RNASeq querying
  • Infrastructure and interoperability
    • Overview of data management infrastructure
      • WormBase and ParaSite
    • Database migration : progress and status
      • Incl: what is the plan and timeline for incorporating the new database in the build? In curation workflows?
    • Interoperability with other MODs
      • InterMod project

Specific topics for project meeting / working groups

  • Cross-site communication
    • Unification of documentation and code; what are our standards for documentation? For code?
  • Database migration
    • Specific plans for the next 6-12 months
  • WormBase + WBParaSite integration

Agenda (preliminary)

Wed 3rd Feb

  • 1400 : Project meeting (part one)

Thu 4th Feb


  • 0900-1200 : Curation : status and plans
  • 1300-1530 : User experience
  • 1600-1730 : Infrastructure (incl database migration)

Fri 5th Feb

  • 0800-0900 : Advisors breakfast
  • 0900-1130 : Advisors report back to whole group
  • 1400-whenever : Project meeting (part two)