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* Genomics
* Genomics
= Agenda =
= Agenda (preliminary) =
== Thu 4th Feb ==
== Thu 4th Feb ==
*how we do on curation -beginning
*details on database migration
*plans for next year
== Fri 5th Feb ==
== Fri 5th Feb ==

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The 2016 edition of the WormBase Scientific Advisory Board meeting will take place at Caltech on 4/5 Feb 2016.



  • Hinxton
    • Paul Kersey, Matt Berriman, Kevin Howe, Bruce Bolt, Jane Lomax, Michael Paulini, Paul Davis, Gary Williams
  • OICR


  • Sarah Torres to arrange accommodation for non-locals


  • Hinxton
    • Will fly out on the 2/3 of Feb, and return on Sun 7th Feb (cheap flights)
  • OICR


Project meeting


  • All-hands project meeting, or smaller discussion groups?
  • Before the SAB meeting or after?
    • A pre-meeting would allow us to refine the agenda of the SAB (although perhaps too late for that)
    • A post-meeting would allow us to set some goals based on comments/advise from the advisors
    • Hinxton folks have more time after the meeting

Discussion topics

  • Cross-site unification of documentation and code; what are our standards for documentation? For code?
  • Organisation, display and querying of RNASeq data (c.f. FlyBase)
  • Database migration
    • What is the plan and timeline for incorporating the new database in the build? In curation workflows?
  • WormBase / ParaSite integration + cross-resource tools (e.g. enrichment tool)
  • Efficiency improvements
  • Community curation (allele-phenotype, concise descriptions, etc.)
  • Text mining
  • SObA (Solr/Amigo/Cytoscape reuse)
  • Automated concise descriptions
  • Micropublications
  • Human disease / pathways
  • Genomics

Agenda (preliminary)

Thu 4th Feb

  • how we do on curation -beginning
  • details on database migration
  • plans for next year
  • metrics

Fri 5th Feb