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Toronto, 14 January - 18 January 2008



  • Describe how to develop for the WormBase implementation
  • Decide on best practices for team development
  • Convert 2-5 CGIs/Classes into Catalyst
  • Define project timeline
  • Create conversion matrix



Introduction to Catalyst and Reimplementation (Todd)


  • Coding session (Todd and Norie):
    • document how to install Catalyst
    • document fetching the WormBase code



  • Group discussion: coding practices
    • decide where to host code: Sourceforge? Google Code? Local?
    • discuss coding preferences and document some guidelines
    • discuss javascript library pros and cons
    • thick or thin models


  • Coding session (Todd and Norie):
    • convert several select CGIs/AceDB classes to Catalyst Model::*.pm
    • conversion matrix
    • local configuration file
    • new section for development guidelines on the wiki



  • Group discussion
    • define generic controllers: ie search, description, fetch
    • discuss stash data structure; standardize format
    • URL format


  • Administrative discussion (Todd and Lincoln)
  • Coding session:
    • continue conversion of select CGIs (Norie)
    • write configuration proof-of-concept for Widgets/fields (Todd)
    • generate conversion matrix of existing scripts into Catalyst



  • Group discussion:
    • review progress for the week
    • define reimplementation timeline and duties
    • discuss caching strategies: per page, per section
    • administrative issues:
      • moderation: mailing lists, forums, wiki
      • meeting schedule



  1. Todd provided an overview of what we have now, what Catalyst is, and current status of reimplementation.
  2. Documented how to install the web application


  1. Conference call
  2. Discussed thin vs. thick models. Decided to keep models "thick" with data munging templates thin with only presentation.
  3. Wrote an overview of how the web application works
  4. Added a Migration Matrix on GoogleDoc
  5. Solidified default vs. local configuration files
  6. Added a test for configuration file format compliance
  7. Norie converted gene/transgene into config and Model::Transgene
  8. Todd converted gene/antibody into config, Model::Antibody, and Controller::Antibody
  9. Todd hacked creation of Controller actions: now fully generic, based simply on config! Thin Controllers!


1. Finished and refined dynamic creation of actions; migrated to Root.pm 2. Generalized report and object fetching 3. Toyed with different URL schemes and chained actions; still waffling 4. Norie finished migration of Transgene; added basic templates