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Papers flagged by authors for structcorr

WBPaper ID Author comments

(checked means the author flagged the data type but left no additional comments)

Date the data type was flagged
00034761 checked 2009-09-17
00035247 There was an error with the prediction of T07H6.5 structure

The starting codon is 141 bases upstream of the predicted ATG in Wormbase (WS200).

The EMBL database accession number for lev-9 cDNA is FN433774.

00035263 checked 2009-11-09
00035271 K04H4.6b, crn-6 cDNA:

was sequenced and confirmed to be identical to sequences reported in the Wormbase, except that the yk720e2 crn-6 cDNA clone contains a base substitution (A322G, Ile108Val).


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