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Papers flagged by authors for seqchange

WBPaper ID Author comments

(checked means the author flagged the data type but left no additional comments)

Date the data type was flagged
00031858 checked 2009-09-04
00035152 Allele - Location (Distance from start ATG in base pairs) - Mutation - Consequence

br1 - 1332 - a to t E268V

br12 - 965 - g to a - premature stop

br21 - 965 - g to a - premature stop

br22 - 1657 - g to a - aberrant splice junction

br29 - 1388 - a to t - H279L AND 1486 - g to a - G312E

br42 - 1284 - c to t - H245Y

ok2197 319â2060 deletion incomplete transcript

00035166 ot81: 2281bp deletion from position 3282 to 5563 in the coordinates of fosmid K10C3 2009-09-21
00035158 (merged with 35179) egl-9(ia58) is a 1bp deletion and causes a frameshift in exon 3. egl-9(ia60) is a MOS1 insertion in exon 3. egl-9(ia61) is a 5bp duplication and a nearby point mutation in exon 4. 2009-09-04
00035181 mak-2(ju637) change "CCGGAGAATTTAcTTTATGT" to "CCGGAGAATTTAtTTTATGT"

cebp-1(ju659) change "AAAATCGcGTAAAAA" to "AAAATCGtGTAAAAA"

cebp-1 (ju640) change "AAAATcGCGTAAAAA" to "AAAATtGCGTAAAAA"

00035192 dhc-1(js319) is an AG -> AA mutation in the splice acceptor for exon 13. 2009-10-12
00035215 The nol-6(ac1) allele is a G to A substitution in the third exon of the C. elegans gene nol-6 resulting in a glycine to glutamic acid substitution at amino acid position 151 2009-10-01
00035247 lev-9(ox177): Mos1 insertion in the first exon between TA and TG 142 bases from the ATG.

lev-9(x62): TGG->TGA in the 6th exon 150 bases from the beginning of the 6th exon

lev-9(x16):TGG->TGA in the 11th exon 35 bases from the beginning of the 11th exon

00035252 we sequenced and confirmed the available mitani deletion allele. moreover we generated a deletion allele for toca-2, named ng11, that appears to be a null allele by sequence analysis and by western blot.

ng11 (549-2333 (1784 bp deletion)) was generated using the random mutagenesis method with TMP/UV combined with gene-specific primer sets.

00035257 checked 2009-10-08
00035315 checked 2009-10-29

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