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Current status [18 Jun 2007]

  144 chapters
  31  movies
  704 images
  397 Mb zip download

Please also visit the Wikipedia WormBook page

Maintaining the WormBook website will consist primarily of putting new chapters online. This process also involves a few error checking and quality control steps, included below.

  1. Keep the ongoing master list of chapter names & URLs current to preserve all links between chapters. This list is located on the dev site.
  2. Validate the DOI-URL lookup at dx.doi.org.
  3. Identify dead links with the W3C link checker. A list of dead links should be provided to the Editor, and a corrected chapter obtained from the TechBooks pipeline.
  4. Links to other WormBook chapters should open in the current browser window (<a target="_top" ... ) whereas links to external sites such as WormBase should open in a new browser window (<a target="_blank" ... )
  5. Add 'section_locator' html linking to section table of contents
  6. For new sections (not chapters), add 'forum_link' and create section on WormBase's WormBook forum (contact Tristan for forum section)
  7. Generally monitor TechBooks markup. As the WormBook project expands, inconsistency in markup, eg author information, will be problematic to batch processing the html in the future.
  8. Adding chapter information & URL (as well as new Section information if needed) to the table of contents, and section table of contents pages. Alphabetize all entries within a section.
  9. Keep the Endnote and Refman library files current with new WormBook content. Special characters including diacritics should be included. Include PMID and doi (revise if needed).
  10. Update rss feed (rss.xml) and validate
  11. Revise the Publication History code in html file if needed. This describes the revisions made to the current chapter and should include links to all previous versions.
  12. Add chapter to listing corresponding By Publication date page, e.g. 2007 chapters
  13. Update the zip archive. A perl script zip_WormBook.pl on the development server is available.
  14. Update the database for the search function. (This is taken care of by a weekly cron job on both the development and live servers.)
  15. Notify the WormBase curators (currently Andrei and Igor) of the chapter name, URL, author(s), and DOI information for a new paper object to be added to WormBase.
  16. Notify NCBI Bookshelf (Jo McIntyre?) of new WormBook content.
  17. Add & commit all new chapters (xml, html, pdf) and file changes to cvs
  18. Monitor the Sanger WormBook mirror site monthly.
  All content changes, including broken links, should be corrected via the TechBooks pipeline

In addition, future website improvements include:

  1. creating a bit torrent to facilitate the ~370 MB WormBook batch download
  2. increase wormbook linking to external databases, eg. wormatlas, uniprot