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// ?Transposon class [020128 dl]

?Transposon Evidence #Evidence
            SMap S_parent UNIQUE Sequence UNIQUE ?Sequence XREF Transposon
            Structure     S_child CDS_child ?CDS XREF Transposon UNIQUE Int UNIQUE Int #SMap_info // Transposon_CDSs will now link to parent Transposons ar2 02-DEC-05   
                                  Pseudogene_child ?Pseudogene XREF Transposon UNIQUE Int UNIQUE Int #SMap_info
                                  LTR_region Int UNIQUE Int
            Origin Species UNIQUE ?Species
                   From_laboratory UNIQUE ?Laboratory
                   Member_of ?Transposon_family XREF Family_members
                   Old_Name ?Text #Evidence        //to store old Transposon name
                   Copy_status UNIQUE Full #Evidence    //track if the transposon is essentially complete or a fragment.
                                      Partial #Evidence
            Visible Remark ?Text #Evidence
            Associated_feature ?Feature XREF Associated_with_transposon #Evidence
            Method UNIQUE ?Method

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