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Curator Comments/Description


// ?Rearrangement class

?Rearrangement  Evidence #Evidence
                Name    Other_name ?Text
                        Variation ?Variation XREF Rearrangement
                Type    Deletion
                        Duplication     Free_dup
                        Compound        Text
                Phenotype ?Phenotype XREF Rearrangement #Phenotype_info
                Phenotype_not_observed ?Phenotype XREF Not_in_Rearrangement #Phenotype_info  //added by Wen to separate Not phenotype from real phenotypes
                Balances ?Map #Balancer
                Marked By_variation ?Variation XREF Marked_rearrangement
                       By_transgene ?Transgene XREF Marked_rearrangement
                       By_other ?Text
//      possibility to refer to other Intervals to describe a complex rearrangement
//      for the worm this is not too necessary, but important for fly and mouse
//      or perhaps there should be another class Complex_Rear that refers to
//      several intervals.
                Reference_strain ?Strain
                Species UNIQUE  ?Species
                Remark ?Text #Evidence
                Isolation       Author ?Author  // use Person where possible, else use Author
                                Person ?Person
                                Date DateType
                                Mutagen UNIQUE Text UNIQUE Text // Text is dose
                                Source_rearrangement  ?Rearrangement XREF Derived_rearrangement
                                Derived_rearrangement ?Rearrangement XREF Source_rearrangement
                Map     ?Map XREF Rearrangement #Map_position
                Positive Gene_inside  ?Gene  XREF Inside_rearr #Evidence
                         Locus_inside ?Locus XREF Inside_rearr ?Author
                         Clone_inside  ?Clone XREF Inside_rearr ?Author
                         Rearr_inside ?Rearrangement
                Negative Gene_outside  ?Gene  XREF Outside_rearr #Evidence
                         Locus_outside ?Locus XREF Outside_rearr ?Author
                         Clone_outside ?Clone XREF Outside_rearr ?Author
                         Rearr_outside ?Rearrangement
                Mapping_data    Pos_neg_data ?Pos_neg_data
                                2_point ?2_point_data
                                Multi_point ?Multi_pt_data
                Display Hide_under UNIQUE ?Rearrangement XREF Hides
                        Hides ?Rearrangement    // no XREF on purpose
                Location ?Laboratory #Lab_Location
                URL Text
                Strain   ?Strain XREF Rearrangement
                Reference ?Paper XREF Rearrangement

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