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Installation Instructions

# Installation instructions based on Debian 7.1.

# Installs R. Version 2.14 or newer required.
sudo apt-get install r-base

# Installs Ruby and Ruby gems. Version 1.9 or newer required.
sudo apt-get install ruby ruby-dev rubygems

# ggplot2: plotting of many different scientific graphs using a
#          single unified interface. Drawback: the instructions here
#          require user input.
sudo R
# ...then type
#     install.packages("ggplot2")
# ...and exit R after the installation has completed.

# Defaults: lets you tinker with R default settings.
sudo R CMD INSTALL Defaults_1.1-1.tar.gz

# Rserve: R server that can be accessed via Ruby, Python, but not Perl.
sudo R CMD INSTALL Rserve_1.8-0.tar.gz

# Install Ruby gem that provides programmatic access to Rserve.
sudo gem install rserve-client

# Install Perl IPC::Run3 module, which is used to call the wrapper "script/rserve_client.rb".
sudo cpan install IPC::Run3

Starting the Rserve Daemon

Applicable to and (same machine).

sudo /etc/init.d/rserve-startup

This is a wrapper for:

sudo -u jenkins R_HOME=/usr/lib/R /usr/lib/R/bin/Rserve --no-save