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Division of Labor

Duties, current as of July 2010.

Configuration Czar -- View and application configuration -- Norie

  • Keep configuration files neat, orderly, and documented
  • Create new configuration for hard-coded variables and UI elements when needed.
  • Enforce/evangelize configuration standards and formatting

CSS Czar -- Responsible for the maintenance of CSS files

  • Develop and document CSS best practices
  • Keep CSS files tidy and organized function
  • Enforce/evangelize standard CSS markup in templates

Javascript Czar -- Javascript use and maintenance

  • Develop and document Javascript best practices
  • Explore and advise on javascript plugins
  • Enforce/evangelize javascript standards and formatting

Template Czar -- Oversee template development

  • Develop and document template standards
  • Define and document shared template elements (ie tables, fields, widgets)
  • Keep template directory organized
  • Enforce/evangelize template standards

Controller Czar -- Maintain and develop new controllers as needed

  • Document existing controllers
  • Document logic flow through application
  • Develop new controller actions as requested/needed

WormBase::API Czar -- Oversee development of the external Model -- Norie

  • Develop and document API coding standards and best practices
  • Document shared API methods
  • Enforce/evangelize coding standards

Testing Czar -- Oversee testing of the web app -- Todd

  • Develop and document test requirements
  • Ensure adequate test coverage and performance
  • Develop global View and API tests
  • Stress Test app

Profiling Czar -- Track progress and performance of the web app -- Todd

  • See the Profiling documentation for additional details and progress.
  • Explore profiling options and discuss
  • Add dynamically configurable profiling
  • Identify and report bottlenecks
  • Develop caching mechanism of ajax-requested widgets