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Widgets Collection

A collection of Widget Models. This class is able to fetch the list of widgets for a given class and create a new Widget Model for each of those. If a widget is also a "default widget", the property visible will be set to 'true', otherwise 'false'.

Search Types Collection

It's a collection of a pair of values (a name and a display name) which represent the list of options of the search dropdown menu.

Search Results Collection

A collection of Search Results Entry Models. It fetches the results of a search from the WormBase API.

Species Collection

It represents the species list as returned by the API. We define the way to parse this list in the views that make use of it (in order to extract Genus list, species list and the list of available classes per specie).

Resource Types Collection

It represents the list of resource types / classes returned by the API (e.g. Laboratories, Papers, etc.)