WebDev 2015.01.27-Agenda and Minutes

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1. Administration

Tuesday conference calls will now shift to 9AM ET.

The monthly Friday conference calls continue on schedule.

WS247 not due until February now.

2. Web development

FPKM Progress

Discussion of dealing with objects that may be present in multiple assemblies. Do we actually NEED to deal with these? TH: Low priority issue, doesn't relate to our core constituency.

Discussion of WS247 objectives: genetic agents: Range queries:


3. JBrowse

  • PAG report
  • converting modENCODE tracks in place
  • before 2014, had converted tracks using BAM and WIG
  • have now converted heat map tracks (about 100 tracks)
  • JS functions that mimic heatmap using RGB colors, scaling needs to be fixed.

Things that are left to do:

  • landing page
  • performance - initial load slow.