WebDev 2014.07.08-Agenda and Minutes

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Administrative Update

  • Frozen releases and legacy site moved to AWS; few details remain; next: intermine

Development update (Sibyl, Kenan)


  • D.O. Page finished what was requested
  • Now using API to bring in additional information this week
  • Description for CDS (method)
  • 2 UI related bugs - weird display on safari
  • Mobile site - seems to work, CSS issue cannot be reproduced
    • panel doesn't close with fast click

Sibyl to merge back to mobile site release

  • RNAi reagent, waiting on curators
  • Protein image link out problem because of our hacked version of PFAM image

Sibyl will add links directly to table for now


  • Adding expression to transcript page
  • Templates

Kenan and Sibyl will work together on template issues

JBrowse / GBrowse development update (Scott)

Scott working on converting some of the amalgamated Gene tracks. Some features don't work (use different source:type definitions).

Tentative goal: demo version of JBrowse with Genes, Variations and one or two quantitative tracks, end of August