WebDev 2010.10.06-Agenda and Minutes

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Administrative Update (Todd; 5 minutes)

Further beta site development

Discuss GBrowse troubleshooting progress (Norie 10 minutes)

  • Local install of GBrowse for testing
  • Cranking on WS219 which came out late

OICR update (pending individuals present)


  • addition of "Recent Activity" feature
  • workbench demo
  • LS - mouse over to open sections, vs "+" buttons, links instead of toggles
  • Note: Expression images will undergo improvements -- TH
  • Issue: Navigation on the site with browser controls


  • CGI ports -- e.g., blast, blat under API Service
  • Can use catalyst controller module for CGI.
  • Error trapping and handling in WebApp -- use of Catalyst Error catching module, or another extension module, analysis of their functions underway
  • Goal -- testing before release