WebDev 2010.07.14-Agenda and Minutes

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Administrative Update (Todd, 5 minutes)

WS216 staging status (Norie; 5 minutes)

BioMart update (Abby; 5 minutes)

New site discussion

Phenotype page prototype and scrollable table (Xq; 5 minutes)


Javascript infrastructure (Xq; 5 minutes)

Linking mechanism update (Abby; 5 minutes)

Proposed areas of expertise (Todd; 10 minutes)

  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Configuration
  • Testing: View
  • Testing: App
  • Deployment
  • API: Coding standards

Define Milestones

Present - July 30th

  • Coding standards and best practices for CSS, Javascript, API in place
  • Release new pages to production powered by the new architecture (classic view only)

July 30th - August 31st

  • http://wiki.wormbase.org/index.php/AceOjbect_Redesign_Page
  • Finish API development of critical classes
  • Finish migration of prominent CGI-based pages to new architecture and release into production (classic view only)
  • Solidify look-and-feel of new site: site map, browsing paths, design patterns, navigation

September 1st

  • Begin beta testing of new site to invited parties

October 1st - November 1st

  • Begin public beta testing of new site
  • Launch UI and general surveys.

November 1st - December 1st

  • Address survey issues
  • Test, test, test

December 1st

  • Go Live with new site