WebDev 2010.05.12-Agenda and Minutes

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1. Review last week's progress

2010.05: Meeting Summary

1.1 GBrowse

  • Abby's insights re: issues, correct
  • XS made adjustments
  • EST aligner issue discussion

2. WS214 Update status

  • protein motifs -- break-up load_gff_patches steps
  • mGENE entries -- checked out, OK
  • build pipeline status -- to continues after WS214 completion
  • GFF files -- add to check matrix

2.1 modENCODE

  • XS working on this
  • Use main GBrowse install

3. Discuss BioMart timeline

  • AC ported functionality to Biomart server
  • Dealing with boiler-plate issues
  • Will build WS210 soon

4. Meetings

  • Madison?

5. API progress (all)

  • DB connectivity: eg. CPU Usage: u129.24 s73.32 cu186.39 cs0 - .475% CPU load
  • Every one moving along
  • AC Started Search object

6. Others

  • Discussed ontology search upgrade with Phenotype curators (Gary S. Jo wasn't there).
  • They will evaluate results and are working on suggestions for the search form.
  • Plans to add annotation searches for GO and AO, then bring in input from Raymond, Ranjana, Kimberly