WebDev 2010.04.28-Agenda and Minutes

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1. Administration Update (Todd; 10 minutes)

  • Debugging production envt.
  • Mirroring -- Caltech
  • Fixed ftp site software

2. Discuss BioMart issues and timeline (all; 10 minutes)

  • AC working with help desk to streamline mart set-up.
  • TH to help with machine

TH notes:

  • Abby looking to clone Zheng's VM to wb-biomart.oicr.on.ca
  • wb-blast.oicr.on.ca to become blast/aceserver. TH to look into.

3. Discuss Genome Browser 2 issues (all; 10 minutes)

Sequence dumper streamline

  • fixed, works on dev.

gbrowse_img problem: created too many files under /tmperdata/c_elegans/

  • XS fixed and change is out.

Other notes:

  • Track rendering works fine
  • Nucleosome coverage

TH: made temp file cron job (gbrowse-support-files/purge_temporary_files.sh) more aggressive

TH: Will check with Sanger on nucleosome data

4. Discuss modENCODE migration status (Xq, all; 10 minutes)

finished moving Henikoff, Lieb, Piano and Snyder data; is currently loading Waterston data(hillier integrated transcripts)


edit wiki on how to install samtools and Bio-BigFile package


Will continue updating the modencode migration wiki Abby initiated


5. WS214 status (Norie; 5 minutes)

  • On going, started 04/27/2010
  • need to nix some old files

6. Outstanding Help Desk Issues (all; 10 minutes)

Anatomy ontology search

Next Week's OICR Visit

Visit Goals