WebDev 2010.04.07-Agenda and Minutes

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1. Administrative Update (Todd; 5 minutes)

  • WS212 is in production
  • Some fixes will be out with WS213

2. GB2 production discussion (Todd; 5 minutes)

  • Small Render farm running now
  • Performance seems pretty good, LS noted some quirks with zombie processes (These do not come up in modENCODE), suggested possible error in fastCGI implementation.
  • XS added some improvements
  • config files discussed

3. Discuss WS213 update progress (Norie; 5 minutes)

  • build ongoing -- GFF files in
  • builds of late have been slowed by acedb slowdowns
  • experimentation with MySQL compression (TH)

4. Discuss WormMart status (all; 10 minutes)

Current Server & Builds

new server

  • Fixed CSHL server (TH); some problem with WS200 db

new builds

  • AC trouble shooting
  • Working on WS205
  • Will test WS200
  • Question about skipping problematic genes?

5. modENCODE data migration status (Abby, Xq; 10 minutes)

dev: (Henikoff) http://dev.wormbase.org/gb2/gbrowse/c_elegans/

production: (Henikoff & Lieb - still working on this) http://wormbase.org/db/gb2/gbrowse/c_elegans/

documentation: http://www.wormbase.org/wiki/index.php/Brute_force_-_modencode_migration

  • AC -- Henikoff, working pretty well; running into caching issues with the other two.
  • LS -- Wig to Bigwig file development
  • TH -- Reset remote renderer to localhost

6. Revisit April Milestone progress (all; 10 minutes)

Proposed Milestones

Expand database connectivity and make it more robust (Xq)

  • Failover
  • Additional GFF DB support

Finish and polish the prototype page report (all)

  • basic/advanced search interface
  • multiple hits display
  • no hits display
  • asynchronous interface prototype. Tabs? Accordion? Selectable?
  • search for page that isn't there (LS suggestion)
  • page suggestions (LS suggestion)
  • XML (LS suggestion)
  • Javascript Lib?
  • CSS development

API for Sequence, Protein, Clone, Variation, Strain (overseen by Norie with help from all)

  • draw from Gene.pm experience.
  • perform analysis on needed assistance -- will list.

Public demo site (Todd)

  • Backups
  • Nightly builds

Widget/Page level caching (Todd)

To consider:

  • maintenance interface
  • debugging / logging
  • performance metrics
  • caching / cloud layer