WebDev 2010.03.31-Agenda and Minutes

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1. Administration Update (Todd; 5 minutes)


  • Rolling out -- should be done later today.

WormMart / data mining server

  • Setting up to do double duty as datamining server.
  • Will be up with WS213

2. GB2 production status (Todd; 10 minutes)


What's done:

  • Reverse proxy
  • Updated configuration files
  • Reports & Analysis debugging
  • Maintenance crons
  • New update scripts
  • Modified configuration files
  • modENCODE tracks


  • render slaves on master and slave servers
  • backups

3. Gene Page prototype progress (Abby, Xq, Norie; 15 minutes)


  • using JQuery
  • page rendering discussion/description by AC.

4. Define April Milestones (all; 10 minutes)

Proposed Milestones

Expand database connectivity and make it more robust (Xq)

  • Failover
  • Additional GFF DB support

Finish and polish the prototype page report (all)

  • basic/advanced search interface
  • multiple hits display
  • no hits display
  • asynchronous interface prototype. Tabs? Accordion? Selectable?
  • search for page that isn't there (LS)
  • page suggestions (LS)
  • XML (LS)
  • Javascript Lib?
  • CSS development

API for Sequence, Protein, Clone, Variation, Strain (overseen by Norie with help from all)

  • draw from Gene.pm experience.
  • perform analysis on needed assistance -- will list.

Public demo site (Todd)

  • Backups
  • Nightly builds

Widget/Page level caching (Todd)

To consider:

  • maintenance interface
  • debugging / logging
  • performance metrics
  • caching / cloud layer