WebDev 2010.03.17-Agenda and Minutes

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Administrative (Norie, 2 min)


  • wrapping up
  • testing soon

API development: Feedback needed (10 min All)

  • updated ids() method committed with Gene.pm
  • Abby to try them out provide feedback
  • TH has other ideas that will be incorporated as well.

Wormart update (Abby, 10 min)

  • WormMart fixed WS205
  • {_start_row} & {_end_row}

DB connection ideas (Xiaoqi, 10 min)

  • Almost finished connection design
  • will provide a persistent database connection
  • WB API register Service(database) modules and pass the returning hashref to Object modules
  • Few updates made last week e.g. read from configuration
  • NBC and XS to start working together for further API work.

Open Table

  • DFDS development
  • LS provided pointers