WebDev 2009.11.18-Agenda and Minutes

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Agenda & Minutes

1. Administrative Update (Todd; 10 minutes)

  • Documentation re: Biomart; building server
  • Dev deadline WS208

2. Sign off on WS208 build (all; 5 minutes)

  • Running into GB issues with checking
  • The data is in -- will check again later this week
  • Inform LS if lib problems are encountered

3. Paralog display review (Norie; 10 minutes)

4. modENCODE integration & track display (Abby; 5 minutes)

Track sharing on GB1 from modENCODE: http://dev.wormbase.org/db/seq/gbrowse/c_elegans/

  • Discussed the page above; running into GB1 lib problems?
  • GB2 needs to be updated by Peter R.
  • Some tracks need little ironing out

5. GB2 installation and debugging status (Abby & Xiaoqi; 10 minutes)

GB2 on dev: http://dev.wormbase.org/db/gb2/gbrowse/c_elegans/

  • GB2 installed in the main dev site -- some troubleshooting
  • Working with config files
  • Plan: Migrate to GB2 for WS209

6. Inline images via GB2 (Xiaoqi; 5 minutes)

  • Work on incorporating an image map instead of just images.
  • Synteny Browser -- Analyzing for install. SM has put together an install package(?)
  • Compatibility with GB2 at this point? Excercise caution in installing to avoid conflicts.

7. Open Table