WebDev 2009.11.04-Agenda and Minutes

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1. WS208 data update; remanei blast databases(Norie; 10 minutes)

  • WS208 data update in the works
  • Discussion of Paralog sections; need to check annotation differences between gene and paralog for sibling/descendant relationship
  • Look into Reference Genome Annotation projects for use in paralog section
  • Add TreeFam data
  • Provide filter for orthologs via species

2. Sam/Bam, GBrowse2, modENCODE (Abby; 10 mins)

  • install GB2 into personal development space; unfortunately GB1 kept breaking; LS will help with install
  • Waiting for help from TH

3. Pathway integration (Xiaoqi; 10 mins)

  • Discussion of pathway page, incorporation of information via WormMart

4. WormMart (Zheng; 5 mins)

  • WormMart 200 in the works to be ready this week