WebDev 2009.09.16-Agenda and Minutes

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1. Administration update (Todd; 10 minutes)

- Finished the NAR database paper for WB
- Working on Caltach mirror
- Working on WS205 frozen release

2. WS206 development update (Norie; 10 minutes)

- Discussed enhancements to various phenotype data displays with JF
- Completed gene page data table item; testing.  Working on the other 2.
- B. malayi, M. hapla, M. Incognita genomes up in WB GBrowse, need stakeholder evaluation, examples in the correct tier to emulate
- Preping WB tutorial for AC, and Shirley

3. modENCODE migration status (Abigail; 10 minutes)

- Good progress on bringing in ModENCODE data into WB
- GFF3 2 GFF2 coding to get gbrowse working
- Streamlining process;  TH: need to get data in bulk from Berkeley.
- TH:Versioning?  How do we handle? Remapping periodically to versions of each genome.  Via date?
- Zheng has a script for download via URLs(?).  Has suggestions, will send URL to conference call list.
- Action item: Figure out a way to get data in bulk.  Non-priviledge rsync? NB: Mark has experience with this.
- TH: Set up so that data for WB on site same day as release.
- Discussion on datahandling with Sanger to be initiated ASAP

4. Issue tracker overview (Todd; 10 minutes)

 - http://bitbucket.org/tharris/wormbase
 - postphone till tomorrow

5. WormMart update status (Zheng; 10 minutes)

- WormMart 202 interface done;  Will start with WS205
- URL:
- tested for data integrity; checking some menus
- will discuss with Biomart folks re: hosting service; preferably they will host it.
- Biomart folks prefer we host our data in OICR server.

6. Open Table