WebDev 2009.09.09-Agenda and Minutes

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Administrative Update (Todd; 5 minutes)

- Servers are being moved to new hosting facility; Keeping services up in its midst
- To be finished today
- Added new feature: tied web submission form to BitBucket; email help desk kept online
- New ways to encourage curators to use issue tracker discussed --- JIRA, based on bugzilla, suggested
- WB source code: currently CVS; newer items in Mercurial -- LS suggested move of Mercurial code to OICR
- Bitbucket, externally hosted, facilitates user external use participation, Will be mirrored in OICR.
- Abigail Cabunoc joined team 20090809

Describe development progress (Norie; 10 minutes)

Define WS206 development goals (all; 10 minutes)

WormMart progress and pitfalls (Zheng; 10 minutes)

- Interface development needs to be done manually per Will Spooner
- Zheng to process WS195, 200, 205
- Will document via the wiki

Open table

- Call format, With WebDev expanding should it change?
- LS ModENCODE attend WB Staff monthly meet instead. Group agreed.
- TH to return to mirroring tracks for WB GBrowse.
- NB: Ce data freeze 09/15d.  Abigail looking into importing data directly.