WebDev 2009.08.19-Agenda and Minutes

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1. Administration Update (Todd; 10 minutes)

  • Hardware status

2. Discuss WS205 development status (5 minutes)

Norie away this week; WS205 development deadline today.

3. Discuss modENCODE updates (Marc, Peter, Zheng, Todd; time as needed)


  • Snyder data: releasing a new bolus of data
  • Lieb data: nothing new; six more data sets

Data Freeze

  • Analysis working group: data freeze on September 10th.
  • Any modENCODE data at level 2 or level 3 will be considered
  • Aim to have as many data freeze datasets mirrored from WormBase as possible
  • Marked downloads directory for Level II/III data
  • WormBase link to that data indicating modENCODE data sets (or a little page)
  • For WS206: create freeze data sets and move to WormBase FTP site; Marc/Peter will let Todd know when ready


  • Posted a few data sets - White and Celniker
  • reolved bug in density plot of wiggle tracks

4. Open Table

  • TH: GBrowse with NFS?
  • LS: Works well with high performance system; however, session lock files don't lock correctly; problems providing round-robin services.

  • TH: wiggle2gff3.pl - generate GFF2?
  • LS: for each wiggle file, writes out a single line. Just needs a small change to allow GFF2 dumping.


  • LS New version with user accounts; OpenID login, sharing