WebDev 2009.06.10-Agenda and Minutes

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Administrative Update (Todd; 5 minutes)

  • Wrapping up build of new dev site and WS203

Discuss Worm Meeting Plans (All; 10 minutes)

  • Version 2.0 of the browser up and running
  • Show the modencode
  • Ability to share tracks from modENCODE
  • Ability to upload tracks and view in the reference genome
  • Galaxy integration
  • Nicole Washington will attend to present modENCODE

Describe GFF2 -> GFF3 progress / pitfalls (Norie; 10 minutes)

Pitfall: populating WS203 Genetic Map

WormMart hosting status (Zheng; 10 minutes)

Building WS203 WormMart

  • Talked with Arek on modENCODE; possibility for hosting WormMart
  • Two boxes, central port

modENOCDE Update (Marc, Peter, Zheng; 10 minutes)

Peter: Snyder's data: http://modencode2.oicr.on.ca/gb2/gbrowse/worm_sandbox/?start=1912628;stop=2010628;ref=IV;width=800;version=100;flip=0;grid=on;id=b60b29b4664501b9c535da5d1d81d680;label=Genes-Snyder_ANTIGFP_WIG_COMB-Snyder_GFP_BS

CHip-Chip data

Transcription factors as GFP fusion
Transcription factors with anti-Pol II

Marc: Nothing new and exciting to report!

Open Table

  • Peter: Chen's data available?
  • Todd: Will send URL to Peter