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Model changes for WS243

  • ?Operon

Addition of a name tag to store a community accepted name for an operon.

> Public_name UNIQUE ?Text
  • ?Movie

Standardise the tag used to store the Movie name (AcePerl issues)

<        Name UNIQUE Text
>        Public_name UNIQUE Text

  • ?Expr_pattern

This will allow to distinguish 'artificial' Expression objects i.e. enhancers, partial segments of promoters linked to sequnce_feature. The so called 'artificial objects' will not have the tag populated.

>                               Reflects_endogenous_expression_of ?Gene

  • qPCR data curation

Add qPCR to ?Expression_cluster.

The following are the changes for ?Expression_cluster and ?Analysis to accommodate the need for qPCR curation.


>                                   qPCR ?Analysis XREF Expression_cluster_qPCR //added by Wen for qPCR curation


>            Expression_cluster_qPCR ?Expression_cluster XREF qPCR  //added by Wen for qPCR curation

  • ?WBProcess model

It would help us keep things clean in the WBProcess model to invoke a hierarchical structure for topic terms. I'm proposing to add these relationships to the model, to replace the current non-hierarchical relationship:

<                 Related_process ?WBProcess XREF Related_process
>                 Related_topic Specialisation_of ?WBProcess XREF Generalisation_of
>                               Generalisation_of ?WBProcess XREF Specialisation_of

  • Model change to track the Laboratory responsible for a gene class

? Gene_class

> Former_designating_laboratory DateType UNIQUE ?Laboratory XREF Former_gene_classes //This is a one way XREF to track responsibility for a class


> Former_gene_classes ?Gene_class
  • Added a models notes section
> // Tags that shouldn't be used:
> // -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> //  "Name" this should always be implemented as Public_name or Similar