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WS237 models - this page has been created for consistency but doesn't add much to the original CVS commit message.

Model Changes

  • This cycle we see one model change effecting the ?GO_term and ?Pseudogene classes


+ 	  	          Synonym Broad ?Text
+ 	  	                  Exact ?Text
+ 	  	                  Narrow ?Text
+ 	  	                  Related ?Text
+ 	  	          Status UNIQUE Valid
+ 	  	                        Obsolete
- 	  	          Pseudogene ?Pseudogene XREF GO_term // [030801 krb]

- 	  	          GO_term ?GO_term XREF Pseudogene ?GO_code #Evidence

Non-Models based changes

  • There have also been many non-models edits to the file to allow easy searching of the models file for your desired class and documentation added to the header to remind curators and the models editors that if a new class is added then the species.configs need updating to reflect the new data.
Search <?Class class> and you will jump to your desired model.