WBConfCall 2021.08.19-Agenda and Minutes

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Agenda and Minutes


Oliver Hobert, August 17 to help@: Lifting coordinates from 140 to 282.

Magdalena is starting to look at it.

Next duty officer: Ranjana, starting 8/23

Build optimisation

Stavros will present our work at Hinxton with optimizing the build, and reducing the error rate during the live build

Perhaps Stavros can post slides if available?

  • Have been working to optimize build and improve quality over the past year.
  • The number of repeating issues has been decreasing. Now done to 9.
  • 150 steps in total in the build, with detailed logging.
  • Keywords for logging, that also include classes.
  • Automatic checks (some of which were previously handled manually).
  • Stats script for runtime of scripts, to compare between releases.
    • Timing can fluctuate quite a bit between releases

Post-mortem code reviews, programmatic checks: fewer build issues, reduced time, reduced resources.

Total build time has been reduced from 6 weeks to 4 weeks.

WB ftp site

  • Since widely used browsers, e.g. Chrome, no longer support ftp protocol, can we consider other options for easy browsing and downloads of the files we normally house on the ftp site?
  • Alternatively, should we provide more information or user support for how to access the files?

See https://github.com/WormBase/website/issues/8355

Plan is to: 1. launch downloads.wormbase.org (uses https; already standing) 2. Update links on wormbase.org 3. Blog post about this. (Ranjana already posted about using Filezilla)

Questions: RL: Will the paths be the same? TH: They can be; I will check on this.

SD: Would it be difficult to make these available through HTTP or via Torrents?

Caltech Hosted CGI Problems

IPs being blocked by Caltech

RL: Solutions:

  • Figure out why those IP addresses were blacklisted.
  • If a block does occur, contact Caltech.
  • Stop using cross IP access

TH: Dropped the IP address; restored an old IP address that WormBase has held for ten years.