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Intellectual Lineage Graph:

We present two graphs illustrating intellectual mentoring relationships where nodes represent persons and arrows person-to-person relationships. A Direct View graph (shown by default) shows only direct relationships between the focus person and his/her mentors and between the focus person and the persons he/she mentors. Another Full View graph includes all mentoring relationships that center around the focus person.

Mentoring relationships include studentship of several levels, high school, college, master’s, and PhD, as well as postdoctoral fellowship, and research staff employment. Mentoring relationships are considered transitive for the purpose of determining the "karma" of a mentor, such that mentee’s mentee is one’s mentee. More mentees means more karma and is indicated by a bigger person node (focus node is kept at fixed size).

Using the mouse or key actions, one can zoom in and out in a graph. Click a node will fire up a new person page in another tab. In the Direct View graph, one can choose what types of relationships are included in the display. The default is set to all.