Reporting Genetic (Phenotype) information for an allele

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WormBase requires the following information for Genetic (Phenotype) information:

  1. Your name
  2. Your e-mail address
  3. Gene name if you are reporting an allele of a new locus. Be sure to use the WormBase approved gene name.
  4. Allele name in standard nomenclature (such as n2813, ox1, e2912 ...)
  5. Phenotype description for the single mutation, e.g. only report the phenotype for the mutation in a non-interacting background. Phenotypes of mutants derived from strains carrying mutations or transgenes as genetic markers, used as a read-out for the phenotype or in other ways is not known to affect the function of the mutated gene, are fine to report in the phenotype field.

In the description be sure to include information such as any genetic marker(s) or transgene(s) co-existing with the mutation, as well as any special condition required for observing the phenotype (such as life stage effected, growth conditions, ...) that are not already included on the form.

All genetic interactions should be reported in the box labeled "Other allele comments" at the bottom of the page.

(Optional) If you are interested in using a controlled vocabulary for phenotypes, you can choose a term from the Phenotype Ontology using the WormBase Ontology Browser.

NOTE: Genetic information submissions that do not include a phenotype, can not be curated, e.g. submitting "loss of function" as the only attribute of the allele will not be recorded, you must include a phenotype!