Deleting Authors

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Occasionally, you may have to delete an author from a paper object. This doesn't happen often and usually applies to older paper entries.

To delete an author:

1. First contact Cecilia and let her know that you need to delete these authors. She will also need to remove any paper-person connections from the entry.

2. Go to:

3. Select your name from the drop-down list. This is so that the correct curator evidence will be recorded for the change in postgres.

4. Enter the WBPaper ID in the top search box, Number.

5. Click on Search.

6. You should then be taken to the paper editor display for that entry.

7. Note that author information is stored in two different places on the form. At the top of the form, the authors associated with the paper are listed and an author space below that is there only for adding NEW authors. Don't use this part of the form if you need to edit author data.

8. At the very bottom of the form is the section for editing authors. To delete an author, click in the box just to the right of the author name. Using the delete button on your computer, delete the entire name from this box. All associated author information should then be removed from the form and the entry in postgres.

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