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Question: When papers are entered manually, is there a script that associates the paper with genes mentioned in the abstract?

To Do: Get a diff list of journals indexed by PubMed and Web of Science to focus W of S searches.

New paper information can be entered through the paper editor, but you have to create the paper (i.e. get a WBPaper ID) through postgres first.

To do this, you will need to login to tazendra using the acedb account and access postgres with psql testdb.

1.- Type SELECT * FROM pap_status ORDER BY joinkey DESC;

to find the highest wpa, then create the next one, e.g. 00035244 new one -> 00035245

Type 'q' to get back to the command line.

2.- INSERT INTO pap_status VALUES ('00035245', 'valid', NULL, 'two1');

(or two1843 for Kimberly)

When done, enter control d or /g to finish the session.

Then you can query that WBPaper on the paper editor to enter all the other information.

3.- Paper_editor

wpa_identified doi

wpa_title XXXXXXx valid update

wpa_publisher Wiley-VCH valid update

wpa_pages 227//250 valid update

wpa_year 2004 valid update

wpa_date_published October 2004 valid update

wpa_abstract (description) valid update

wpa_type BOOK-CHAPTER valid update

wpa_editor Erich A. Nigg valid update

wpa_in_book 00035208.2 (SAME # as the paper ADD .2 al final) valid update

Update info!

To add authors, reload the page, click on Add Another Author and follow steps to add new authors.