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Papers flagged by authors for genesymbol

WBPaper ID Author comments

(checked means the author flagged the data type but left no additional comments)

Date the data type was flagged
00031858 checked 2009-09-04
00035125 checked 2009-11-02
00035152 bah-1 rescue was achieved with a single full length gene, ZK1025.7 2009-10-18
00035160 CTCF, an insulator protein present in insects and vertebrates, was cloned in the basal nematode Trichinella spiralis. The paper reports the name of a newly defined locus in Ts. A corresponding gene is absent in C.elegans and other derived nematodes. In addition, CTCF fragments were found in ESTs from Xiphinema index and Trichuris muris, but these were not cloned and the underlying genomic locus is unknown. 2009-09-04
00035163 calf-1 , corresponds to B0250.2 2009-11-03
00035181 cebp-1(D1005.3) 2009-10-29
00035196 checked 2009-10-30
00035247 lev-9 as T07H6.5 2009-10-12
00035286 checked 2009-11-13

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