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The Paper ID Conversion CGI is an online tool for curators to convert paper IDs in bulk to other IDs. The tool also may output paper titles from a list of input paper IDs. The tool accepts WormBase Paper IDs (e.g. WBPaper00012345), PubMed IDs (pmid12345678) or digital object identifiers (DOIs). The form may be found here:

The CGI looks like this:

Paper ID conversion CGI 3-11-2015.png

A user must specify which identifier types will be used as input to the form (only one ID type can be processed at a time). The IDs may then be pasted into the search box. WBPaper IDs may have the "WBPaper" prefix but do not need it. Likewise, the PubMed IDs may be entered with a "pmid" prefix (no colon) or simply as the ID number alone. DOIs need to be entered in full. A user may then specify which output data they would like to see, including WBPaper ID, PubMed ID (pmid), DOI and/or paper title. For example, a series of WBPaper IDs may be entered like this:

Paper ID Conversion CGI example entries 3-11-2015.png

Clicking on the "reset source IDs" button will simply clear the search box. Once the user has clicked on the "ConvertPaperIdentifiers" button at the bottom of the form, a user will be presented with a results table. Here is the results table (with all four columns) for the example WBPaper ID example list above:

Paper ID Conversion CGI example output 3-11-2015.png