Quick response cheatsheet

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When staging site is down or really slow

If it's really slow

- use top command to check if sgiface is at 100%, if so restart ACeDB

If it's down

(such as 404 error from nginx or Bad Gateway error) - try restart staging site

Restart AceDB

sudo /etc/init.d/xinetd stop 
ps aux | grep sgiface 
!!If sgifaceserver is still running use 'kill #####' (where ##### is the process id) 
sudo /etc/init.d/xinetd start

Restart Staging site

ps -aux | grep starman

Find the two main processes, one is the daemon (wormbase.psgi) and the second is the starman master process.

sudo kill -9 [PIDs]
sudo pkill -9 starman
cd /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/staging_build/workspace
sudo -u jenkins ./script/wormbase-daemon.sh