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Upcoming Meetings

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2012 Regional/Topic Meetings

  • Neurobiology Meeting
    14-17 June, Heidelberg, Germany
    Jean-Louis Bessereau, Gert Jansen, and William Schafer, Organizers

  • 5th East Asia C elegans Meeting
    27 - 30 June, Chientan Overseas Youth Activity Center, Taipei, Taiwan
    • Yi-Chun Wu (Taiwan): National Taiwan University
    • Akatsuki Kimura (Japan): National Institute of Genetics
    • Seung-Jae Lee (Korea): Pohang University of Science and Technology
    • Chonglin Yang (China): Chinese Academy of Sciences
    • Massimo Hilliard (Australia): University of Queensland
    • King L. Chow (Hong Kong): Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
    • Chang-Shi Chen (Taiwan): National Cheng Kung University

Past meetings

Jan 5-8 GSA's "Genetic Analysis: From Model Organisms to Human Biology" meeting San Diego, CA, USA
March 29-Apr 2 European Worm Meeting Seville, Spain
June 11th-15th, 2008 Development & Evolution Topic Meeting Madison, WI
June 29th-July 2nd, 2008 Madison, WI Neuro Topic Meeting
August 3-6th, 2008 Aging, Stress & Pathogenesis Topic Meeting Madison, WI
June 27-July 1 16th International C. elegans Meeting University of California, Los Angeles, USA
Nov 16 The Genetics Society Autumn Meeting. New Horizons in C. elegans Research The Royal Society, London.
January 5-7 GSA Model Organisms Meeting
April 29-May 3, 2006

European Worm Meeting

May 24-26, 2006

EMBO Caenorhabditis Evolution Workshop

Summer 2006 Topics Meetings
June 22-25, 2006

Topics Meeting: Development & Evolution

July 9-12, 2006

Topics Meeting: Neuronal Development, Synaptic Function, and Behavior

June 25-29

15th International Worm Meeting

August 21-24

West Coast Worm Meeting

June 28-July 1

East Asia C. Elegans Meeting

June 11-13

Midwest Worm Meeting

June 11-13

East Coast Worm Meeting

May 22-25

European Worm Meeting

June 29-July 3

14th International Worm Meeting

June 14-16

East Coast Worm Meeting

June 28-30

Midwest Worm Meeting

August 6-9

The 3rd Japanese C. elegans Meeting

August 10-13

West Coast Worm Meeting